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Candidates for CPB licensure need to demonstrate a minimum of one year or 2,000 hours of bookkeeping or accounting experience. Employers or clients must fill out a form attesting to the candidate’s work. You’ll create and maintain charts of accounts, record and maintain accounting transactions, and manage banking payments.

You need at least two years of full-time bookkeeping experience before you can apply for certification. So long as you pass the test for certification, that two years of experience is all you need. Once you pass this cumulative final exam, and have completed your professional standards requirements you have earned your Certified Digital Bookkeeper designation. Each of the 11 knowledge sections of the certification exams is presented with content to teach and review the topic. Yes, if you’re an expert in the latest version of QuickBooks, you can walk into any small business and immediately organize their finances. QuickBooks is the top-rated accounting software for small businesses, you likely know a company that already uses it.

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Bookkeepers produce and manage financial records for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and accounting firms. Though licensure is not required to work as a bookkeeper, some professionals pursue certification to demonstrate their skills to employers and stand out in the job search. To help you find the best bookkeeping certificates to take online, we’ve looked at courses prepared by reputable academies and accounting institutions. Our chosen certificates are globally recognized and most importantly they help you build job-ready skills to start a career in the bookkeeping industry. Throughout this simple bookkeeping course, you’ll gain a behind-the-scenes insight into the daily tasks of bookkeepers, and what it takes to support the financial growth of a business. The course starts with an introduction to the basics of business transactions and documentation for various forms of cash flow. There’s also an overview of the duality of transactions and the doubly-entry system.


You can certified bookkeeper everything on your own time and you don’t need prior experience in accounting. Some also cover how to use popular bookkeeping software and may even offer certifications upon course completion. The level of detail and length of the course will depend on whether it’s designed for someone looking to launch a career or simply keep better track of their small business finances.

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With this course, will gain all of the insights they need to begin a new role in the bookkeeping landscape. For the first three weeks, you’ll participate in our Personal Mindset and Professional Development Training, learning crucial workplace skills. If you are in a position or are preparing to work in a business where you provide bookkeeping services to the public, you are eligible to be a member.

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