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I think it would just be really awkward, and likely to cause turmoil in a relationship. As for the spiritual compatibility, they dont‘ have to believe exactly like me but they MUST be open to my beliefs and not criticize them or act like they are ridiculous notions. He doesn’t have to share the views, just respect mine and I respect his. (My SO is republican and I am democrat for example but we both respect each other’s party and the reasoning behind our choice – but we are BOTH middle of the road and neither of us are far left or far right). These are a lot more important to me than a piece of paper.

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I think life is about more than money, but I’d like to earn the money that lets my husband/kids live like life is about more than money. Even assuming we’re talking about dating going somewhere serious, if it’s just dating good luck. Most people are pissed to date a resident/doctor, I know I’m pissed just being one myself. If you find the time to brag about being a doctor, a lot of people will be happy to just bang you, assuming you have the time to do that. Also, people are just happy to bang people anyway these days if the studies are right, so I’m not sure being a doctor gives you so much of an advantage for you to be worried about or pat yourself on the back for.

He has a degree, is incredibly smart, but i do earn more. He makes good money himself, but i do have the higher salary. It doesn’t cause any horrors or turmoil whatsoever in our life. If he didn’t earn a decent salary, however, it would bother me as I do like equality. Some of the smartest people I know don’t have degrees.

I think the better question has to do with your intellectual compatibility. Are the two of you on the same, or similar, intellectual plane? Are you able to communicate at the same level about topics of shared interest?

The New Norm: Women Can Earn More Than Men, and That’s OK

Roughly half of Gen Zers (50%) and Millennials (47%) think that society is not accepting enough of these individuals. Smaller shares of Gen Xers (39%), Boomers (36%) and those in the Silent Generation (32%) say the same. A look at how Gen Z voters view the Trump presidency provides further insight into their political beliefs. A Pew Research Center survey conducted in January of this year found that about a quarter of registered voters ages 18 to 23 (22%) approved of how Donald Trump is handling his job as president, while about three-quarters disapproved (77%).

The dynamics are unique to 21st-century men and women with evolved desires for a relationship, who also have to get around generations and generations of the ingrained male provider/female nurturer framework. But as I got guys talking — really talking — they started to say some more revelatory things. In the study of 105 men, researchers laid out several scenarios. In the first, they told men that “a woman down the hall,” whom they never saw, either outperformed or underperformed them on an intelligence test. Then they were told to imagine this woman as a romantic partner.

Being kind and respectful, regardless of how you feel about someone, will make it much easier to get along. You can customise your experience and access way more features like messaging, watch and hide threads, voting and much more. Intelligence and academic achievement aren’t as closely linked as many people believed. DH went to a very fancy public school but left without even taking his GCSE’s! He went to work in TV and Radio and it’s never held him back. I couldn’t be with someone who’s lazy or has no work ethic or future goals.

According to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data, about three-in-ten (29%) live in a household with an unmarried parent while 66% live with two married parents. A roughly comparable share of Millennials (69%) lived with two married parents at a similar age, but the shares among Gen Xers and Boomers were significantly larger (72% and 86%). Of those Gen Zers who are living with two married parents, in most cases both of those parents are in the labor force (64%).

„Securing a spouse isn’t the ultimate agenda for us. That doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in it, but it isn’t the reason we are choosing to further our education at said institution.“ Yeah, what makes my joke offensive is that it’s a spin on the same offensive joke that men tell. But in any case what’s offensive about „buying“ someone is implying that having more money or power in some sense means that you are superior to them. Whatever, I know that using offensive humor can just go over the heads of people who are themselves offensive. He also said, „name your price and if the cost goes higher walk away.“ Which is why Chappelle walked from a $50 million dollar deal with Comedy Central. So you gotta define making it and you gotta know life is more than money or school degrees.

We welcome the Reddit community to elicit opinions on a variety of matters from our community of women ages 30 and up. Discussions must remain civil at all times, and women must be allowed to dominate the discussion. Formal education is absolutely a predictor of earnings and earning potential, what even?

Perhaps you were raised around highly educated people who then went on to get into relationships with people who were just as educated, if not more. But over the past 30 years, these prejudices have largely disappeared. By 1996, intelligence and education had moved up to No. 5 on men’s ranking of desirable qualities in a Check it out mate. The desire for a good cook and housekeeper had dropped to 14th place, near the bottom of the 18-point scale. The sociologist Christine B. Whelan reports that by 2008, men’s interest in a woman’s education and intelligence had risen to No. 4, just after mutual attraction, dependable character and emotional stability.

Of more concern would likely be having roughly equal intelligence . Intelligence, wit, and knowledge is more my bar than school or lack thereof. I did date a man who was lovely but not as bright as me. We had fun and a good time, but it could go nowhere. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that education shows knowledge. My husband may have only finished high school but he has absolutely no problem holding his own around highly educated people.