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Nearly all cervical cancers are caused by HPV infections, but cervical cancer may take 20 years or longer to develop after an HPV infection. The HPV infection and early cervical cancer typically don’t cause noticeable symptoms. Getting vaccinated against HPV infection is your best protection from cervical cancer. Tell your sexual partners if you have HPV or genital warts so they can get tested and treated.

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Safer Sex Practices

This means that the infection is not life-threatening in most cases. Early detection and treatment methods can eliminate the chance of cancer developing and ensure that the infection is controlled. Genital warts are caused by a sexually transmitted infection, which is spread through skin-to-skin contact or unprotected sexual intercourse. Research suggests that most cases of genital warts are caused by two strains of the Human Papillomavirus , types 6 and 11. Genital warts are the most common sexually transmitted infection .

While there is no cure, people can manage them with creams or other treatments. You’re contagious for as long as you have the virus — regardless of whether or not you have symptoms. For example, even if your genital warts have disappeared, you can still spread the HPV that caused them if the virus is still in your body.

If you want to cover it, use cotton gauze only, and don’t use a waterproof bandage. Your doctor may prescribe you one treatment and then have you switch to a different treatment later on. Remember that your doctor will only prescribe one type of topical medication. Follow the instructions to apply podofilox only if your doctor prescribed it. Additionally, surgical removal might be your best option if large areas of skin are affected or if you have some medical conditions, such as an immune disorder. They may recommend another method if warts affect areas that aren’t suitable for ointment, such as mucous membranes, the urethra, or inside of the vagina.

If someone with HSV engages in oral sex, they can transfer the virus to their partner. Genital herpes can be transmitted even if there are no noticeable symptoms. This is why practicing safe sex all the time is important. To get rid of genital warts, you should visit your doctor, who will prescribe medication to clear up the outbreak.

Other treatments

Genital warts are different from warts you might get elsewhere on your body. So you can’t get genital warts by touching yourself with a wart that’s on your hand or foot. Prepare yourself, build confidence and take care of your body. Genital warts are a low risk strain of HPV infection.

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Early detection and treatment can usually prevent this from happening. SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. But there are several strains—usually types 6 and 11—that cause genital warts, or little clusters of flat or raised bumps you can pass to a partner. And two other types can cause cancer of the penis, anus, vagina, vulva, head, and neck, Pizarro says. Types 16 and 18 are to blame for most HPV-related cases of cancer.

„Unless it causes untreated cancer, HPV is not lethal, and it’s very likely to simply go away on its own,“ Pizarro says. Genital warts usually spread through sexual contact with an infected person. A pap test and acetic acid test may also be carried out to diagnose genital warts. While genital warts may increase your risk of developing other diseases, they will not kill you. Genital warts may not appear right after you have been exposed to the virus.

If a high-risk HPV is found, your doctor may monitor you to ensure that cancer doesn’t occur, or is caught early. Both HPV and herpes can be transmitted even when symptoms aren’t present, so prevention methods should continue with or without the presence of warts. If you’re over 26, that doesn’t mean Adult Space you can’t get the vaccine. It’s more likely that you’ll have been exposed to various strains of HPV at that point, Dr. Leone says, but it may still be helpful for you. Talk to your doctor to figure out whether or not getting the vaccine makes sense based on your sexual habits and health history.