How to Write a Board Report

If you’re creating an executive report for the first time or are revising an existing one there are specific steps you need to take to ensure that your report meets the needs of your audience. Use the following guidelines to ensure that your board report addresses all of the concerns they face and provides them the information they need to effectively manage the company.

Know your audience

Consider the needs of each board member and how these will relate to the information in your report. If there is a member of your board with an experience in finance, they will be interested in the data on revenue as well as other financial data. If you have a member of your board who has worked in your field for several years they’ll be interested in the latest trends and developments. Knowing your board members will assist you in preparing for their questions and help you prepare for a successful meeting.

Show do not tell

Your board members need to understand how your company is performing. Be transparent, both with the positive and negative aspects. This will help them make the best possible decisions for your business. The only way to provide positive or negative information can influence the board’s decision making and the way they make decisions in a detrimental way. It is also essential to include negative information in the report of the board so that the board can make an informed decision.

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